Family Law

At ELM Law LLC, we believe in listening and working with you during these type of difficult “family” circumstances.  We believe in working with you as an individual.  We are here to listen and review all of your concerns.  We strive to help you protect your future and rights.  Our goal is to strive in helping you achieve your new future.  We want you to have the confidence and security of knowing that you have a dedicated and caring attorney standing by your side.

We assist and help you with the following type of situations;

Divorce Decrees         Separation Agreements          Parenting Plans
Child Support              Visitation Agreements             Mediations
Parenting Time           Temporary Restraining Orders

Contact our office to help review how we can assist with your individual circumstances.

Call 720-588-8548 and mention this website.

  • We offer “Free Initial Consultations” on Immigration reviews.
  • Our Initial Consultation fee for Family Law, Traffic and other minor criminal/civil related issues is $75.00.


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